Vacancies for Trustees of the Charity

We now have vacancies for new people to join the Board that governs the charity running both Bow and Bethnal Green foodbank sessions. The Board of “Bow Foodbank Limited” manages the charity’s resources; fundraises and fulfils the legal obligations as a registered charitable company.

We have decided to fill the vacancies in at least two phases, over the next year or so. This ensures that the most immediate and pressing roles are filled first, but that we also allow ourselves more time in the second phase to conduct outreach work and encourage applications from non-typical candidates. In the first phase, none of the positions are ‘allocated’ to represent any particular groups/ locations, so it is not a case of being a ‘Bow’ or a ‘Bethnal Green’ representative. You will be working for the charity, which operates both Foodbank locations.

So, Phase 1 recruitment is for:

If you wish to apply for any of the positions above, please use the Application Form , save it and email it to or fill in the online form here.

Please complete and return your application form before 0900 on Monday 12th July 2021. We aim to have completed interviews before the 20th July and have successful appointments confirmed at the charity’s AGM (24th August 2021).

The Phase 2 recruitment will commence later in 2021, for another 3-5 general trustee positions, with the aim of being in place by Feb 2022.