We are adapting our practices in line with the requirements of government and the advice of healthcare professionals.

Volunteers, Users and Donors are reminded of the need to observe social distancing, whether queuing for food, queuing to hand in donations or sorting goods.

Volunteers are asked to handle all goods and equipment with surgical gloves and to clean them regularly with antiseptic gel.

Donors and users are asked to observe a two-metre separation if standing in the queue, and to keep the distance rules when being helped by the volunteers.  All these interactions will take place outside, in the park of the Bromley-By-Bow Centre.

Volunteers working indoors will be asked to work together in smaller numbers and, where possible, at separate work stations.  The work surfaces will be cleaned regularly.

We hope that in spite of the physical distance, and the strangeness of this way of working that we will still be able to appreciate our common humanity!