Bethnal Green Foodbank at Raine’s Foundation School

In 2019 a second foodbank location was set up, now based at Raine’s School.  The foodbank session runs every Wednesday from 2pm-7pm.

The address is:
Raine’s Foundation School,
Approach rd,
E2 9LY

For more information see: Bethnal Green Food Bank

Food donations: You can buy food online from Bankuet to be delivered directly to Bethnal Green Foodbank, go to:

Financial donations are managed through our joint Virgin Money Giving page.

To volunteer at Bethnal Green Foodbank, please fill in this form

The Bethnal Green Foodbank is part of the Bow Foodbank Ltd Registered Charity, managed by the same Trustee Board as the Bow Foodbank. The Bethnal Green volunteer management team and the Bow volunteer management team share resources, organise deliveries together, fundraise together and both have membership representation on the Board of Trustees. Due to space and capacity restraints, the client offer may differ slightly at each location from time-to-time.