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Ending home deliveries

Firstly, thank you so much for supporting this special Covid Home Delivery service. It has been running for 16 weeks already and has served 90 clients. It has been a tremendous effort from the Bow Foodbank team to set up this service from scratch, to source the additional food and funds needed, and to deliver supplies consistently and at some personal risk of being out and about during lockdown. Thanks to all the volunteers and providers who have made it possible.

The Bow Foodbank Trustees have decided to bring the delivery service to an end after the 7th August. There are a number of reasons for the decision, which include the pressure it places on our volunteers as people return to work ,and on our food supply resources.

However, the main reason is that the official UK Government advice is changing from 1st August. Clinically vulnerable people will no longer be advised to stay at home and shield from normal contact. So we cannot be sure that the service is still needed in addition to our Monday foodbank session, except on a case-by-case basis. So, we have decided to stop the service and work with individuals who still need help in a more targeted way.

We are encouraging clients who are worried about the end of the Home Deliveries to get in touch with us. If they really feel that they cannot come in person or send a representative, then we will work with them individually to ensure they get the food aid they need for a little longer while they work out a longer term solution. Please be assured that we will find ways to help people either to use the Monday session or offer some limited follow-up help if they need more time to get back to normal.

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