Weekly Update 12th May

Under the direction of Kate Coules and Fr Javier Ruiz and with the help of a large team of volunteers, Bow Foodbank has now moved from St Catherine’s-St Mary’s into its new and more spacious HQ at Bromley-by-Bow Community Centre.

We have held our first Monday food support session and this week we had 315 visitors (last week was 286). Thanks to Francis, who sacrificed his 69th birthday party to drive a van-load of food to us all the way from Slough on Sunday, we were again able to offer fresh fruit and veg alongside the usual dry goods.

Last week our volunteers were able to make 64 home deliveries, and in the coming week we are hoping to carry out at least as many.

Thanks again for all the support from donors, whether finance or food, and to all the organisations who are working with us and enabling us to operate.

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