Food and Toiletry Needs 10/5

This Sunday our donations session will be at our new location, the Bromley-By-Bow Community Centre, St Leonard’s Road, E3 3BT Go to the Church entrance on Bruce Street. We shall be receiving donations as usual between 12:30 and 2:45 pm.

This week we are looking especially for biscuits, cereals, coffee, tinned meats other than corned beef, uht milk, sweetcorn, tea, vegetarian stews, toothpaste.

Nappies are always much appreciated, especially sizes 2 – 6, along with sanitary products.

At the present time we do not need baked beans, peas, kidney beans, custard, tinned fruit, corned beef, pasta sauce with meat, rice pudding, sugar, tinned tomatoes.

Thanks as ever for your generosity – it’s a big help!

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