Weekly Report 4th May

Last week, thanks again to everyone’s support, we were able provide home delivery packs for 60 households and food support packs for around 260 people.

We officially welcome Kate Coules from Bromley-by-Bow Community Fridge who has taken on the role of stock-co-ordinator for Bow Foodbank during the pandemic.

In the coming week we will be relocating from the parish hall at Our Lady and St Catherine’s to Bromley-by-Bow Community Centre. We hope that the extra space this will provide for storage and packing will enable us to respond more effectively to the needs of the moment, and particularly to increase the number of home-delivery packs we can provide.

The new address, from Friday, 8th May will be Bromley-By-Bow Community Centre, St Leonard’s Street, E3 3BT.

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