Weekly Report 17th April

This week we reverted to offering food bags at our Monday distribution session and had our first full week of home deliveries. We are slowly settling into a routine to deal with the new realities and have had a lot of support from generous donors, from our enthusiastic and capable volunteers, from other agencies in the borough and from TH council itself. Thanks as well to the enterprise and creativity of key members of the team, some of our major supply problems are close to being solved for the time being.

This week on Monday we were able to distribute 237 food bags and sundry extras to users who came mostly from Tower Hamlets, but with a substantial minority from out of borough. In addition we have been able to provide approximately 50 parcels by home delivery to individuals and families, with the help of volunteer drivers provided by TH volunteering.

Thanks to Ali from TH for his efforts to channel the large Aldi and GLA donations this week to foodbanks in the borough. Thanks too to those generous donors who have helped solve the pasta crisis of the past week!

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