Weekly Report 9th April

Last Friday, with the help of the Tower Hamlets team of drivers, we were able to provide food parcels for 18 households that are self-isolating.

At our last Monday session we distributed a limited number of food vouchers, and food bags. 180 visitors received vouchers or food bags.

Our supply chain is slowly beginning to come together, with a huge donation from Asda, shared among three TH based agencies, First Love Foundation, Mulberry School and ourselves. A big thanks to Ali at Tower Hamlets Council, to Aerold at FLF and to Riika at City College for making this happen.

Some key items are still difficult to come by and Rev Tim has been on the road trying to track down pasta and rice.

We have temporarily reached capacity with the number of people we can serve through home deliveries (50) and Monday distribution (150). We would ask people in urgent need to contact Tower Hamlets Council in the first instance, as they have a system in place.

We will be open on Easter Monday this year and will return to giving food packs rather than vouchers.

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