Trustee Profile | Jagmohan Bahar

Jagmohan Bhakar, a long-term Trustee at Bow Foodbank first became involved at its inception at St Mary’s church in 2014. An already active member of the local Rotary Club, he didn’t hesitate to help get them started when the call came. 

He has steadfastly supported the organisation over the last decade, as we travelled from 40-50 guests a session, with peaks of over 900 to a current average of 500 per week. From collecting fresh vegetables to collecting funds, he is happy to help support the Tower Hamlets community in challenging times. 

You may have spotted him on training runs down Regent’s Canal in preparation for the many fundraising runs he has completed for the food bank. From the Winter Half in 2023 to multiple medals at the Hackney Half, who are also marking 10 years of supporting the East London community in 2024. 

Proud to support the foodbank, Jagmohan says

“Sharing of food is vital in our culture. You always offer food when you greet anyone and we offer food to everyone at our gurdwaras. People appreciate what you share with them.” 

No one ever expected that there would be a long-term need for the foodbank when it started ten years ago. It was assumed it would only be a short-term solution, but

“I’m happy to be able to help in some capacity, especially as the needs are getting bigger and bigger.”

Despite the increased need for emergency and longer-term support with food and the cost of living in the community, Jagmohan remains committed to the cause.

“It’s not what you do for yourself, but what you can do for others.”

Jagmohan Bahar Bow Foodbank Trustee

Are you curious about volunteering your time or skills in the community? Jagmohan’s advice was clear

Do it! It will bring you pleasure and a great understanding of your community. Be open to understanding from the experience. Never stop learning, and keep an open mind!”

Keep an eye out for Jagmohan on a training run around Bow and Bethnal Green!